Common Mistakes in Mabit in Mina

  1. On morning of the 12th of Dhul Hijja, a pilgrim does the stoning of the three pillars and then intends to go to Mecca and return back to Mina by mid-day so that he can finally depart from Mina in the afternoon with other pilgrims. Such a pilgrim should not make the mistake of taking all his possessions with himself since it is not permissible, based on precaution, to finally depart from Mina in the morning except if he leaves something from his belongings back in Mina to which he will return back.


Common Mistakes in Stoning the Pillars

I have already mentioned that the elderly, sick, women, and weak ones who cannot stone the ‘Uqbah Pillar because of over-crowding on the ‘Idd Day are allowed to stone on the eve of ‘Idd instead of the day.
These same people or those who are their care-takers assume that they can also do the same for the stoning required on 11th and 12th of Dhul Hijja, and so they do the stoning in the eve of 11th and 12th. This is incorrect. If they cannot do the stoning themselves at the daytime on the 11th and 12th, then they should appoint someone else to do the stoning on their behalf. 



There are certain miscellaneous rules common for all that I wish to list them here:

  1. It is not permissible to enter Mecca or the holy territory around it except in the state of ihram. Therefore, if someone enters that area in other than the months of hajj, then he must put on the ihram for ‘umrah mufradah. And if someone enters that area during the months of hajj, then he must put on the ihram for ‘umrah or for hajj.
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