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1. It is recommended to do ‘umrah mufradah every month of the year; and the best time for this recommendation, in order of priority, is in the month of Rajab and then Ramadhan.

2. If the ‘umrah-pilgrim forgets to say the talbiyyah at the time of putting on the ihram or was ignorant of its requirement till he did the other rituals, then his ‘umrah is not valid (based on obligatory precaution).

3. A pilgrim cannot do two ‘umrah mufradah in the same month for himself.

4. However, he can do two ‘umrah mufradah in the same month if one is for himself and another is done on behalf of someone else. Similarly, the pilgrim can do two ‘umrah mufradah in the same month on the behalf of two different persons.

5. A pilgrim who has done one ‘umrah mufradah at the end of a month is allowed to do another ‘umrah mufradah at the beginning of the next month.

6. It has already been mentioned that if a person is in Mecca and intends to do ‘umrah mufradah, he is allowed to put on the ihram at the outer limit of haram (like at-Tan‘im which is 6 km from Mecca or Hudaybiyyah which is 15 km from Mecca or Ja‘ranah which is 16 km from Mecca), and he does not have to go back all the way to the Miqat for ihram except in one case – when a person violates the ‘umrah mufradah by having sexual intercourse before doing the sa‘i.

7. A vast majority of rules of ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ regarding tawaf, salat of tawaf, sa‘i and taqsir also apply in case of ‘umrah mufradah.

However, there is one difference between the two:
One who neglects tawaf of ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ or its sa‘i out of ignorance or unknowingly does something that invalidates it, then the ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ will become invalid unless the tawaf or sa‘i is done before the expiry of its time.

On the other hand, if one neglects the tawaf or sa‘i of ‘umrah mufradah out of ignorance or unknowingly does something that invalidates it, then the ‘umrah mufradah does not become invalid – the pilgrim should stay in the state ihram until he returns back to Mecca and does the tawaf and sa‘i even if that takes a long time.

8. It is recommended to do the sacrifice in ‘umrah mufradah, and that the sacrifice be done in Mecca.