Hajj at-Tamattu‘

Hajj at-Tamattu‘

I said earlier that hajj at-tamattu‘ consists of two rituals: the first is known as ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ and the second is known as al-hajj or hajj at-tamattu‘. I also said that ‘umrah at-tamattu‘ must be done before the hajj; and so when the pilgrim has completed the ‘umrah at-tamattu‘, then he should prepare for rituals of the hajj.


There are twenty-three obligatory acts of the hajj or hajj at-tamattu‘.

The main obligatory acts are as following:

1. Ihram from Mecca.

2. Staying at ‘Arafat.

3. Staying at Muzdalifa.

4. Stoning the ‘Aqabah pillar in Mina.

5. Sacrifice in Mina.

6. Shaving the hair or taqsir in Mina.

7. Tawaf.

8. Salat of Tawaf.

9. Sa‘i.

10. Tawafun Nisa’.

11. Salat of Tawafun Nisa’.

12. Spending the night at Mina.

13. Stoning the pillars in Mina.