Umrah at-Tamattu

Umrah at-Tamattu

Five things are mandatory in ‘umrah at-tamattu‘:

  1. Donning the ihram (pilgrim’s garment) at one of the well-known miqãt (the designated perimeter around the city of Mecca),

  2. Tawãf (circumambulation around the Ka‘bah),

  3. Salãtu ’t-tawãf

  4. As-sa‘i (going between the hills of Safa and Marwah) and

  5. Raqsir (cutting a bit of your hair or clipping the nail).

Once the pilgrim has done these five rituals, he can take off the ihrãm and the things that had become forbidden upon him after donning on the ihram will again become permissible. With this ends the first part of hajj at-tamattu‘.

Thereafter, when the 9th of Dhul Hijja comes near, the pilgrim then prepares himself for the second part of hajj at-tamattu‘, and with it he completes his pilgrimage and becomes purified just as his mother borne him purified.